Family Funday

Recognition Evening

Garden Friends

An annual market that takes place at the Great Dane Park.

Packed full of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy.

At the end of every year GarsCom hosts a Recognition Evening where valuable members of the community are awarded for their efforts and accomplishments.

A circle of Garden Friends coming together over a glass of chilled ice tea sharing thoughts & ideas on gardening and just having fun.


Kobie Nel

GarsCom Calendar

Weekly News


GarsCom launches a new Calendar at the end of each year that is marked with all the fun and exciting happenings in the area for the year ahead.


Venessa Roelofse

GarsCom releases a weekly newsletter to all GRA members with updates on crime and happenings in the area.



Carol v Niekerk

A bi-monthly newsletter full of event info, community happenings and things alike available to all GarsCom residents.



Venessa Roelofse



Water & Electricity

GarsCom encourages the whole of the community to recycle by putting out their recycled goods out on the curb every Wednesday to be collected.


Venessa Roelofse

GarsCom brings the community together to share and help each other in growing our own fabulous and beautiful gardens in order to sustain a healthy environment.


Carol v Niekerk

Water and electricity conservation is not only the green way to go but it saves money and environmental recourses.



Attie v Niekerk




GarsCom enjoys capturing treasured moments and to share those memories with its friends, family and community.



Caroline / Tyron / Annelize

The GarsCom Facebook Group is open to all GRA members to join the conversation on topics ranging from the weather to our children graduating.


Johanna Prozesky

GarsCom is very proud of its WhatsApp Street Project where a resident can join their street's group to get updates on all the happenings in the community.


Shani Kotze

Christmas Market

Christmas Light Competition

Care Group

Every year GarsCom kicks-off the festive holiday season with a fun Christmas Market at the Borzoi Park.



Karien de Nysschen

Residents can enter their festive decorated houses to win great prizes and to show off their creative talents on the night of the Christmas Lights Bus Tour.


Karien de Nysschen

Here in GarsCom we are not just a community but friends and family who care and look out for each other.


Bird Watching

October Pink Tree

With each special event GarsCom always needs an extra hand to assist in catering and hospitality.



Sheree Snyman

GarsCom brings the community together to share their knowledge and enjoy the fascinating activity of bird watching.



Johan Breytenbach

GarsCom goes pink for Cancer in the month of October and encourages all to join this initiative.

Streets & Entrances

Parks / Spruits

Street Meetings

An initiative to keep GarsCom streets and entrances clean and tidy for the benefit of the whole community.



Cathy Coetzee

The parks and spruit that runs through GarsCom not only serves as treasured landscapes but also to preserve our environment and ecology.


Carol v Niekerk

Get to know your neighbor.

 A project that has been proven to be successful in bringing friends and families together.


Carol v Niekerk

September Drive

My Best Friend Group


September every year we take to the streets of GarsCom to promote our

wonderful community.



Karien de Nysschen

A WhatsApp-group for members who are concerned with the wellbeing of all dogs, cats, and even birds in GarsCom.


Elri Mans

We like to share with the world how awesome GarsCom and our commnunity members are. If you have a story, please let us know.


Sophy vd Walt

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